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A clean engine is a healthy engine!

Why does my engine get carbonized?

As you use your vehicle it accumulates black carbon deposits throughout the engine and exhaust system. Engines become dirty due to modern day stop-and-go traffic conditions, fuel quality, new antipollution requirements and driving at low speeds to save gas.

After years of development and testing in Europe, we have innovated the most advanced and economical technology to clear your engine from the inside out.

Our hydrogen service is 100% safe for the environment and much cleaner than the competition, which uses harsh chemicals.

Florida Carbon Cleaning Fixes Clogged Intake Valves

How Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Works

With our advanced technology, developed in Europe, hydrogen is pulsed through the air intake pipes burning off up to 75% of the carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly.

Phase 01

With the engine running, Hydrogen + Air (78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other trace gases) are mixed in the air intake and when sparked in the combustion chamber forms superheated steam. This loosens and breaks up most carbon deposits and cleans valves, throttle body, oxygen sensors, spark plugs, EGR, turbochargers and catalytic converters as well as DPF filters in diesel engines. The process carefully steam cleans an engine from the inside with no danger of hydrolock or component damage.

Phase 02

Hydrogen is number one on the Periodic Table of the Elements and is the most abundant element in the Universe. Yet on Earth, there is almost zero free hydrogen. The reason- the hydrogen atom is so simple- (one proton and one neutron) that it bonds with virtually everything it touches- oxygen to make water (H2O) carbon (Hydrocarbons) and many other molecules. In car engines, hydrogen bonds with deposited carbon and during the cleaning process, slowly, atom by atom, enables the newly formed hydrocarbons to be stripped and away and burned, thus keeping newer engines clean and helping to remove deposits from older engines.

Phase 03

Hydrogen burns at a higher temperature than standard combustion and under pressure, raises the engine temperature to help burn off and expel deposited carbon out through the exhaust system. The vehicle cooling system handles the temperature rise with no overheating issues during the short cleaning period.

Benefits of Carbon Cleaning

Using our unique hydrogen-powered decarbonizing system our Carbon Cleaning Machine will remove carbon build-up inside your engine and exhaust system.

Florida Carbon Cleaning Revitalize Your Engine

Carbon deposits from all types of gas and diesel engines


Engine performance and fuel consumption back to normal


Wear of expensive engine parts like: EGR valve, DPF, spark plugs, valves, injectors and more


Intermittent acceleration cut-out and engine noise


Excessive exhaust fumes


Engine lifespan

Florida Carbon Cleaning

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Decrease fuel consumption and harmful pollution emissions!

Florida Carbon Cleaning is part of Carbon Cleaning International and Power Systems France. We're a worldwide network with over 1700 Hydrogen Carbon cleaning machines in service providing engine cleaning services to cars, trucks and marine engines. We work with individuals as well as vehicle fleets bringing increased fuel efficiency and lower pollution emissions to customers all over the globe.

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Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is based on the service time needed to properly clean your engine. The larger your engine and the amount of mileage determines the cleaning time.

Express Clean

Low mileage engines


  • 30 Minutes

Maintenance Clean

25,000 to 50,000 miles


  • 45 Minutes

Deep Clean

Over 50,000 Miles


  • 60 Minutes

We offer free estimates for cleaning Diesel Cars and Trucks, Commercial and Industrial Vehicles and Marine Engines based on engine size and mileage. Fleet discounts available.

Call to inquire about leasing our carbon cleaning machines for your auto service business or fleet maintenance facility

Revitalize your engine!

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